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Roleplayers unite

For the love of RP

All about the Moment
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This is a community for Roleplayers and their muses to post. I'll set challenges and such for people that need prompts getting their juices flowing.
But this is also a place to meet people to interact with. Other roleplayers who'll be interested in posting/rping on your journal or in instant messages.

Please click here For the forms to request rp details.
Please Click here For the details on how to post challenges etc.

I also recommend theatrical_muse for your ficlet muse needs.

Since theatrical_muse no longer deals with original characters from specific fandoms and you need something that will challenge your mind for original characters from your favorite fandoms then tm_bukkake will serve your needs for that particular purpose.

And please look at the frequently asked questions section of Live Journal for info on li-cut's etc. Click here for the FAQ