John Constantine (in_my_own_hell) wrote in rpinstants,
John Constantine

Suicide Attempt

Muse: John Constantine
Rating: PG-13 to R (mainly for language)

Right... write to someone he loves. That's kind of hard considering that there's not too many people in John's life that he truly loves. Not really anyways. For so long he's been alone. Just him and his parents. Then he started seeing and hearing things. In order to get away from it all he split his wrists right open and because of that he went to hell. But he didn't stay there. He was sent back to Earth and he fought the demons. Somewhere in there he met Angela. He cares about her. Cared about her enough to slit his own wrists again. To sacrifice himself in order to bring back her dead sister. Didn't really work the way he'd wanted. Fuck, it never worked the way that he wanted. That was just how life fuckin' went. Because he'd been brought back. Fuck it all he's been brought back again. Now it was time to tell her about it. Fuck it, maybe it was and maybe it wasn't. He didn't actually love her. He did care for her though.


We don't really fuckin' know each other. Not really. Even if you think you know me or think I'm this big ol' open book. You probably didn't know that I slit my wrists again, like I told you I did before except maybe this time there seemed to be much more blood running along the floor. Oh don't fuckin' look at me like that. Yeah, I'll know you'll just tell me how much of an idiot I am for doing so but guess what... I don't fuckin' care. I did it because I was sacrificing myself. You know maybe so that I could get the fuck out of this world. Go to Heaven and all that shit. Maybe somewhere along the lines it had to do with your sister Isabel as well. Fuck if I know. Either way that's all I really feel like telling you. If you can't handle it... then deal with it.


[heh, you know Shell, my Constantine muse is really hating me for this right about now]
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